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Sports Massage Therapy at Twin Tigers Martial Arts & Fitness


Twin Tigers have strong links with the local schools and have a number of classes running within them, ranging from out of school activities to full martial arts clubs within schools. 

We have also been involved with a number of scouting groups with mini classes, self defence seminars and even the Martial Arts badge.

We also run our free Martial Arts Against Bullies seminars which are geared to understanding and preventing bullying.



Martial arts training does a lot to combat bullying as students develop a higher level of confidence. This decreases their chances of being bullied in the 1st place.

But there is a lot more to bullying. This free Anti-Bullying seminar looks at the reasons being bullying and how to deal with it.

It teaches participants :

Awareness - How to identify preditor behaviour.
Avoidance - Realistic ways to stop being a target of bullying.
Assertiveness - How to stop bullying behaviour.
The goal of the program is to minimize the effects of predatory behaviour in junior and secondary schools.

This is done through role playing, small group discussions and empathy training.


The MAAB program is a 3-4 hour “Done with Bullying” seminar. This seminar is broken up into four highly-interactive sessions. Each session can be taught as a separate class, but the program is most effective when all four sessions are done on the same day. Each session is designed to give participants realistic strategies for dealing with most school or neighborhood bullying scenarios.

The sessions are:

Session I – What is bullying? Why do people do it? Why is it bad to bully others? (45-60 minutes)
Session II – What we should and shouldn’t do when we see others being bullied? (45-60 minutes)
Session III – How should you deal with bullying? (60-75 minutes)
Session IV – Buddying (45-60 minutes)
To Book A Session, please contact us today.


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