• Twin Tigers is a fabulous business. They accommodate for all sex and ages, brilliant self-defence classes for all ages and other classes, especially when are our children have been subject to horrible experiences in Scunthorpe these past couple of weeks. Mr and Mrs Smith have amazing talents and just want to share them with everybody else, my four year old has been going since he was 2 and ha very good discipline and self defence. We only had parents evening a day ago and his teacher has commented on how well behaved and disciplined he is and that more children should go to these type of classes.

  • Myself and my children have been going to Twin Tigers for over a year now and the benefits of doing so are endless. This club is very family orientated and stop at nothing to accommodate the needs of its members. Twin Tigers do a lot of charity work and are always open to change and ideas to improve and move forward. I’d like to nominate Twin Tigers because of the effort and selfless attitude towards its community and club members. 

    They help build up my son’s confidence, he is a lot happier now.

  • This small friendly business does a lot for the community and also local schools, showing the young children how to keep safe. They also put on a lot of other activities for the members such as; camping, trips, parties etc. There is always something to keep the youngsters occupied.

    Very good for the health of the people of Lincolnshire.

    Fabulous martial arts and great friendly staff. Nothing is too much trouble. Highly recommended. 

  • Put so much effort into activities and giving children something to aim for, helping them to achieve things other than school work, also help adults with fitness and are very encouraging also teaching a wide range of martial arts. 

  • Fantastic family run business who make you and your family feel at home. Really helped my son who has co-ordination problems with his ability and confidence. They are running free self-defence classes for children in light of the attempted abductions. Nothing is ever too much for them. 

  • Fantastic martial arts group who give so much to the community. They encourage children and adults to pursue their martial arts journey and back them 100% without asking for anything in return. It’s brilliant to be part of the Twin Tigers family. 

  • Twin Tigers get involved with so much within the community for the good of others. They provide a free course for children at the minute to teach them self-defence, they also promote the wellbeing of each child within their school enabling them to become more confident and self-aware. They also provide something for everyone, able to offer classes to the whole family regardless of ability or age, they have a fantastic family friendly environment that all of my family are comfortable in and are gaining so much from. 

  • They are an amazing organisation. They put 120% into everything… they put on free events for kids, fantastic family party events, an all-round great place. To train and be involved in. 

    This is a great school that cares about the community and unites it for great purposes. 

    They a lovely family run business who shape characters of young people attending classes at their academy as well as teaching martial arts and self-defence. Truly amazing place. 

  • The management team & instructors are amazing people, they have put on 5 free evenings of self-defence for children free of charge. My son loves going to Taekwondo. And as a shy larger lady I do Boogie Bounce and I have just joined Taekwondo. The support and encouragement is second to none. 

    They go above and beyond for their students and also the wider community. Supporting and raising awareness and funds for many charities and less fortunate. 

  • They do so much for local children. They put on lots of classes to keep kids enthusiastic and also fit. They are very encouraging to their students. Also in light of attempted local abductions they have put on 5 free classes for children of all ages to learn essential information and self-defence. Each class has had up to 80 kids in it. 

    Dedicated enthusiastic staff who give a lot of their time helping others to help themselves. 

  • They are a family run business who aim to help people stay safe. The martial arts classes and fantastic instructors are brilliant and have helped me a lot with my lack of confidence and low self-esteem. They are very supportive of the community and have been running a free 5 day self-defence seminar for 70 children every week. I believe they should win this as every new student who joins is welcomed into the Tiger’s family and treated with just as much respect and fairness as all other students. 

  • They are a family who give up their time to help young and old achieve their dreams through fitness, integrity, and strength. They help to build character and they give pleasure. 

    They help build up my son’s confidence, he is a lot happier now.

    Because they are a great business, always friends and welcoming to the public and help many people. 

  • The owners of the Twin Tigers gym, Lisa and Richard, both work tirelessly to make the gym the best they can, for the students and the instructors alike. With very little funding, they do as much as they possibly can for the students, giving them the opportunities and instruction that they need to become great students. 

  • They do a huge amount of work with young children, inspiring them with confidence and discipline in a fun way. They also run a lot of free workshops to help the local community. 

    Because they are a great business, always friends and welcoming to the public and help many people. 

  • A great community business that has a diverse customer base. It gives back to the community and gives children and adults a safe place to get fit and socialise. 

    Goof for the community. Very helpful in getting people fit and keeping up there fitness.

  • This business is very inviting and friendly; does a lot for its students and the surrounding community free of charge. It also involves villages around Scunthorpe gives children free of charge lessons at their school as an after school activity. Top business with fantastic community spirit. 

  • The amount of work they do with schools and events promoting self-control and discipline at the same time as promoting fitness, getting us all off the couches we are all so fond of. 

  • They are really supportive of every member of the academy and go above and beyond to provide a top notch service. 

26 Warren Road
North Lincolnshire
DN15 6XH

Phone: 05600 762338

Serving Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire

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