The Traditional Martial Art of Korea and an Olympic Sport, it utilises strikes by both hands and feet and also features strong self defence.

Taekwondo helps develop life skills such as self respect, self discipline and improves confidence.

Although a contact sport, our main aim is to develop life skills through martial arts. Through Taekwondo students become more confident and able to achieve more throughout their own daily routines.

Taekwondo is know for dynamic high kicking and is often compared to Karate and whereby they do have similarities they are very different.

Key areas of Taekwondo are

  • Patterns (or poomse) - Which are set series of moves to show the kicks and strikes learnt.
  • Sparring - Taekwondo sparring is very distinctive mainly concentrating on leg work and high flashy kicks.
  • Self Defence - A major part of all our programs it is key to the Taekwondo Syllabus
  • Line Drills - Practicing kicks and moves
  • Board Breaking - The display of power, focus and spirit.

Separate classes are run for both senior & junior students and morning classes are available for shift workers.

As members of the British Taekwondo Association, Twin Tigers have access to some of the top masters in the world

Taekwondo at Twin Tigers Martial Arts & Fitness
Kickboxing at Twin Tigers Martial Arts & Fitness


The favourite Martial Art for fitness and sport competition.

Kick Boxing is a dynamic high energy martial art. It utilises hand and feet techniques and also includes strikes from knees and elbows.

Kick Boxers soon build up a good fitness level and improve stamina which can help in every day tasks.As with all martial arts good discipline and control are encouraged whilst training.

Kick Boxing is a hybrid martial art taking it's techniques largely from Karate but also includes techniques found in Muay Thai.

Our freestyle approach to Kick Boxing allows students to compete under any of the various rule sets found in different organisations and competitions.

Twin Tigers are members of WAKO (World Association of Kick Boxing Organisations) the world governing body for Kick Boxing. and also the UFKKA, the Universal Freestyle Kickboxing Karate Association.

Tiger Tots

A Pre-School Martial Arts Class for Under 4's

Tiger Tots has parent and child working together to improve self control, focus and motor skills.

Basic martial arts techniques are taught through fun and games the main aims of the class are similar to that of the older Tiny Tiger group.

Improved Confidence
Improved Motor Skills
Improved Social Skills
Burns off excess energy

As the student works with the parent, it also helps develop listening skills and discipline.

Tiger Tots is often a lead class for Tiny Tigers which begins at 4 years old.

Tiny Tigers at Twin Tigers Martial Arts & Fitness

Tiny Tigers

A Martial Arts programme for the development of young people.

Tiny Tigers at Twin Tigers Martial Arts

Improved Confidence
Improved Motor skills
Improved Social Skills
Burns off excess energy
Specially designed for the 4 - 7 year olds

Our Tiny Tigers programme utilises the main principals of the martial arts.

Respect and discipline are instilled in the students enabling them to do better in and out of school.

Our classes are based on fun and educational games enabling the required life skills to be taught in an enjoyable way.

Weekend Warrior at Twin Tigers Martial Arts

Weekend Warriors

Be a Superhero at the Weekend

Fitness and Self Defence for Busy Juniors

Weekend Warriors is a Saturday morning class for the juniors that have many after school activites and don't have the time to commit to regular evening training sessions and for existing junior student expand their knowledge of martial arts.

The benefits found in all martial arts programs is still the same. Weekend Warriors does not follow a particular style and mixes techniques from the various styles taught at the school.

Weekend Warriors is a mixed age group class from 4 years upwards. No previous experience is required.

All Tiny Tigers and Junior Students are free to join in with the Weekend Warriors to add to their own skills.


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